Fair: without cheating or trying to achieve an unjust advantage. blog

for everything is fair…

So, what does ‘everything is fair…’ mean?

The concept or idea behind this website is to create a niche in professional blogging.

This website shall delve into all fields from Kashmir Arts to Politics, education, economy, from reality to fiction, human Stories to inhuman Stories. So, if ‘everything is fair in love and war’ why can’t it be fair in other fields.

And in my opinion, everything is fair in blogging. You can take any topic, any subject, and write about it.

Although there are hundreds of personal blogging sites, where bloggers express their thoughts and write their stories. But unfortunately, they left this halfway maybe because of the non-availability of resources or because of the low source of inspiration, or simply they have not motivated themselves enough to sustain their blogging.

about kashmir fair blog shahid khan
Shahid A Khan

Hi, I am Shahid A khan, an entrepreneur by profession-Co-Owner at Duke Electricals, Photography enthusiast, and Creative writer. About Kashmir Fair Blog

Digital Artist. With the Qualification, Mass Communication and Journalism.

Having done Digital Marketing from Google, and an Analytics Course from Google Analytics Academy, I decided to start a blog that shall be open for all: for all who want to write, who want to highlight the scope of their work, a story, or a project.

Creative writing is an art of writing that lay stress on creating unique, imaginative piece of literature. It employs language that is imaginative and expressive, rather than simple form of text. Creative writing can be done in a variety of genres, including fiction, non-fiction, and poetry. It can be used for variety of purposes, such as personal expression, entertainment or education.

Words have power, when designed efficiently these convey meaning and when design is filled with creativity these give pleasure to readers. And readers feel intoxicated like a drunkard or drug addict.

Also, there are a large number of talented people who have done remarkable work in their respective fields, but they haven’t been given the due credit; and for those types of talent, they shall be provided all help to broadcast their stories. About Kashmir Fair Blog

This Blogging Website is based in Kashmir Region of India

About Kashmir Fair Blog

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