Electric Water Heater

Electric Water Heater(s) or Storage type electric waters are also called Domestic or Residential water Heaters or Geysers. These are the appliances that use electricity to heat up the water in a closed water tank. The closed means which develops the water pressure inside the tank to release the water with a certain amount of pressure, without diminishing the reserved water in a tank.

Electric Water Heater, Kashmir Fair Blog
Electric Waterr Heater, Kashmir Fair Blog


The Electric Water geysers that we use in our houses are called domestic or Residential Electrical Water Heaters. These water heaters are made with the consumer’s needs. The specifications are kept in mind which can save electricity bills and also provide value for money.

In India Electric Water hetears have their own Standard Code and that is IS:2082. This code governs every aspect of Storage type Electric Water Heaters, from a screw to outer Paint.

What does the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) say about these water heaters and how these should be manufactured and tested according to consumer needs?

Electric Water Heater, Kashmir Fair Blog
Electric Water Heater, Kashmir Fair Blog


  • The Storage Type Electric Water Should not be hazardous to life and property of the Consumer


Below are the conditions for this clause:

  1. The Electric Water should be test for leakage current and a proper earthing terminal must be there which can earth the leakage currents.
  2. The Electrical equipment and components used must be of BIS standard
  3. A fusible outlet should be provided to release the extra water pressure that may develop during the overheating.
  4. Provisions of complete 4 bolts should be provided so that water heater remains intact on the wall.
  5. There should be fireproof insulation between the inner tank and the outer body.
  6. No such material should be used that may catch fire from the electric components that are used in these water heaters.


  • Savings are the critical decision which must be kept in mind while buying any residential storage type electric water heaterr. BIS lays special thrust on this clause for the   manufacturing of Geysers. 
  1. A proper wattage heating element should be there according to the water capacity of the electric water heater. example electric Water for Cold regions should be of at least 2000 watts while same water for hot regions should be of 1000 watts.
  2. A well calibrated thermostat should be there which can immediately shut off the water heater while reaching the desired water temperature.
  • The thermostat is a component which is used for auto shut off the water heater on reaching a certain temperature level, if this doesn’t shut off the water will get overheated and develop the extra water pressure inside which becomes detrimental to the life and property of the user.
  • Second, when the thermostat doesn’t shut off, the heating element remains working thus consuming more electricity, resulting in an increase in power bills.
  1. A thermal cutout should be there, this shuts off the water heater completely if the thermostat stops working…

Water Capacity

The water capacity of the tank used in electric water heaters should be of full capacity. The 50L water heater should hold at least 48 liters of water.

Insulation of water heater

  1. Insulation is the most crucial part of any Residential or Domestic storage type electric water heaters. Insulation is directly related to the electricity s saving and the hot water retention. The Properly insulated water heater provides long lasting service to consumers and also less maintaining cost.
  2. There should be enough gap at least 1.5 inches between the inner tank and the outer Container so that proper and good insulation should be placed which helps is hot water retention for the longer hours and hence saves electricity and subsequently extra electricity expenses.
  3. Water heaters shall be so constructed that in normal use, there will be no electrical or Mechanical failure

Special consideration should be taken into mind before buying any Electric Water Heater.

What is insulation in electric Water heaters?

It is a special covering of the inner water heater tank which is thrust between the Outer Container and the inner tank. Insulation is of many types that is used in these types of heaters in India, these are:

Foam, Puff, Rock-wool and Glass Wool

Among the above-mentioned insulation’ Glass Wool’ is prescribed by the Bureau of India Standards. As it is fireproof and comes in loose form which can be fixed tightly between the inner water tank and the outer container. The ‘loose’ Glass wool is also used in aviation systems, Recording studios, for sound proofing.

This Glass wool insulation which is placed between the inner tank and the outer container retains the temperature of the water inside the tank. And the water heater consumes less electricity when it goes for reheating process.

The initial heating consumes more electricity as compared to reheating time. And this insulation maintains the reheating time in the residential storage type Geysers.


while buying The Storage type Residential Water heater the following consideration should be exercised: –

  1. Water heaters are the Electric or Electronics Gadget which are directly involved with the life and property of the USER. Never give these on contract buying to any house building contractors. In fact, no electrical Item like wires, switches, compressors, ac’s, fans, should be given to house building contractors, as they always compromise with the quality and the efficiency of these Appliances.
  1. Like we buy medicine from the chemist. We must buy electrical appliances from the Electronics and Electrical Stores rather than Sanitary Ware Stores…
  1. Always take the advice of Professionals rather than appliance dealers as dealers are more    concerned towards their own profitability…
  1. Always check the specifications, efficiency, dimensions, of the Residential Storage type Geysers.

      5. Ask for the insulation level from the seller as this is going to be the long run factor for your usage and savings. In India for average 50L geyser, it should be of 17-inch diameter.

Additional Information for buying a Residential or Domestic electric Water heater

  • Finish: Do a Physical check-up of the product. You will notice by yourself whether the product is of good quality or bad quality. The finish of the paint, the durability of the power cord. The strength of inlet out water pipes…


  • Pressure Test: For this refer to the user manual. The rated water pressure for electric water heaters is 45 and 80 Psi (pounds per square inch)


  • Protection against access to live parts: There should be no direct access to electrical components used in electric water heaters. That is there should be no ‘by chance’ touch with the live electrical components of the geyser.


  • High Voltage: Protection against high or the fluctuating voltage.


  • Earthing Connection: the electric water heater must sustain the accidental high voltage.


  • Power Input and Current: This means that the appliance should work on the rated voltage and current of the area or the region. For example, if government supplies electricity at 220 volts @ 50hz. The Water heater should work smoothly on the supply. And there should be no need of capacitors or step down or step-up transformers.

Be Good User and a good customer

  • Heating: Heating Element should have adequate voltage. That is if a 2000 wattage element is rated on an electric water heater it must be of the same wattage and not of 1700 watts or 1800 watts.


  • Mechanical Strength: Mechanical Strength should be of Adequate quality. That is if Water heaters are mounted on wall, these should not fall down, and result in any kind of injury to the user.


  • Internal Wiring: Internal wiring must sustain the rated current. That is if 2000-watt element is used the wiring must sustain the 16-amp current.


  • Supply connections & external flexible cords: Supply connections must comply with the rated wattage of the geyser. 


  • Provision for Earthing: Earthing is safety! It throws out the leakage current out of the electric appliance. Thus, protects from the electric shocks and damage to other electronic gadgets in the household.

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