What makes good creative writing?

Like an artist putting lines and dots together and embellishing them with colors. Or when a painter throws color on canvas, he produces a new form and a new idea for the beholders. And the people say, what a piece of Art. They calibrate this piece of art in their minds and draw their own pleasure. What did the artist get? In olden days, he got satisfaction and from satisfaction he drew pleasure, only known to him. Likewise, a put words together to form an excellent piece of text. So that the readers took pleasure out of it

English Creative Writing

The design of the words

The design of words is nothing but the mental predicament, how to put words together to form an excellent piece of text? So that the readers took pleasure out of it. It is not so easy, as Marlowe said, is this the face that launched a thousand ships…,

And also ‘all is dross that is not Helen’. Perhaps the English language is the most spoken language in the world for it ruled the world and robbed everyone from its own language especially Asians.

Like an artist, English creative writing

Like an artist putting lines and dots together and embellishing them with colors. Or when a painter throws color on canvas, he produces a new form and a new idea for the beholders. And the people say, what a piece of Art. They calibrate this piece of art in their minds and draw their own pleasure. What did the artist get? In olden days, he got satisfaction and from satisfaction he drew pleasure, only known to him. English creative writing

Nowadays, the story is different, it is the story of Jack Sparrow who with his design of words controlled the ‘un-dead pirates’ and the colonels of the East India Company.

It is also the age of MBS, the crown prince of KSA who sent his father for the long vacation like Aurangzeb had sent his father for the long Vacation. The murder of Khashoggi is like the ‘Murder in the Cathedral’. Joe Biden every now and then reprimands MBS, by saying the Murderers of Khashoggi will be taken to Justice.


And the world has become dull people of ALL FAITHS HAVE BECOME FOOD BLOGGERS, they eat and then excrete from their own hard-earned money to increase followers on YouTube channel and Reels. Always respect those who design words, these are the people who will rule the market until the end of the world. English creative writing

Gone is the age when languages are spoken with respect. Respect has gone to Andaman and Nicobar Islands which are governed by the Bureaucrats like Viceroys and Governor General governed India Pre 1947. English creative writing

Covid 19 is Gone, and the world leaders are still haunted by remnants of Covid 19, Many new diseases are discovered or invented for making profits… The truth is that there are still many unconquered diseases who still rule the poor nations and Polio is one among them.

Climate change is the ever-increasing threat the world faces today. And Elon Musk is more concerned about World War III. He perhaps has little responsibility towards the earth that is why? He is hugely investing in outer space. Nobody is going to live on the Moon or Mars neither Elon Musk nor any Common man.

Words have power, when designed efficiently these convey meaning and when design is filled with creativity these give pleasure to readers. And readers feel intoxicated like a drunkard or drug addict. English creative writing

Virtual Currency

Not a single writer fell so down that he invented words like the things Crypto and NFT. The big business tycoons with mega minds invented and gave idea of the intangible things and said this the future, the future economy is the Crypto Currency. The people went crazy after Virtual Currency and started trading the Virtual Currency in the Physical Crypto Exchanges. Now the Question is, why do people take dollars after selling crypto and flee from Virtual Currency Trading.

And Warren Buffett calls Bitcoin a Mirage as it does not meet the test of the currency.

Now there is another story of NFT’s Non-Fungible Tokens. One can store his work in NFT’s by buying NFT from real money. And its inventors say you preserve your work in NFT and sell these NFT further. But People are so gullible that they don’t know that NFT inventors and Owners are preserving their real money in their own Wallets and enjoy every night and everyday may be with a big laugh that what we sold and what people purchased. English BP

Now as I am an Indian

This was the Story of the world in ‘Nutshell’. Now as I am an Indian, here is the design of words, perhaps in ‘Eggshell’. Indians are happy in chewing tobacco and enjoying the political developments in the country. English creative writing

Tobacco is the most dangerous and poisonous substance in the world, especially chewing Tobacco. But Indians keep Chewing. Santri or Mantri, Elite or Non-Elite, IAS holders are fond of it.

Shashi Tharoor has a flair for English. No Parliamentarian is well read like Shashi Tharoor, in the whole of India. All the tough words are in his vocabulary, which he has kept reserved for the design of words in his chest. After admiring the Gandhi’ for years he now admires Damodar Das Narendra Modi. English creative writing

Narendra Damodar Das Modi when in Parliament poked Gandhi Family, Rahul Gandhi kissed him, out of love.

Jawahar Lal Nehru

Jawahar Lal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India, has committed innumerable number of mistakes, this is what the current Prime minister of India, Narendra Modi says. According to Modi, Nehru has committed grave mistakes and has taken wrong decisions. After 75 years Nehru still haunts RSS and BJP.

Everyone is against the BJP. But one thing the other politicians and political workers and also the common people must learn, that how committed the BJP-RSS was to their resolve that the idea conceived during the British rule is still in progress. Savarkar, the father of RSS-BJP ideology sacrificed his own honor and character before the British Police, for the larger cause of Hindutva. The seed sown by Savarkar was humidified and protected silently by the BJP stalwarts. English creative writing

Hindu nation

The whole Hindu nation has one single goal, how and why BJP is wrong? when there are whole Muslim nations. Christian nations and a tiny Jewish nation. the BJP is fighting for the Hindu Nation. The idea seems remarkable to the hardcore Hindu fundamentalists. The idea of Hindu nation was injected to Savarkar by British policy makers under their ‘divide and rule policy.

For the biggest enemy of Christianity and Judaism, what they think is Islam and subsequently Muslims. The Hindu masses were lured by Hindu fundamentalists on the pretext that if Muslims have their religious flag, if Christians have Christian state, why can’t Hindus make their own ‘Hindu Rashtra’, after all Hinduism is millions of years old. Why BJP is wrong it has to think about the 100 crore Hindu population who until yesterday were eating and living with the Muslim people. Suddenly secular men from the majority community became racial and communal. They started to show the real face to their fellow minority community. English creative writing

Bharat Jodo Yatra

Rahul Gandhi is on Bharat Jodo Yatra. And the best thing was that his mother felt no nausea or heart ache during this Yatra. And the Yatra is going smoothly.

Indian National Congress seems to be cursed

What went wrong with the congress? English creative writing

It is the rule of nature, every rise hath a fall… https://duke.net.in/

But if we apply logic, Sonya Gandhi despite Italian genes molded her brain and thinking according to Indian fickle nature. And tactically handled the party people after Rajiv Gandhi until Rahul G held the bridle. Now Rahul didn’t adopt the Indian way of thinking, but maybe Italian genetic order compelled him to do so.

Perhaps Rahul might have thought that when his father Rajiv has done a great deal of favors to party people nobody will defect and leave the party in turbulent times. English creative writing

Ghulam Nabi Azaad

Ghulam Nabi Azaad, whom Congress gave everything, English Creative Writing, best piece, read it now

English creative writing

Recently a senior member, Ghulam Nabi Azaad. Whom Congress gave everything, Paisa, Shohrat, Izzat, left Congress leveling serious allegations-on Rahul Gandhi.

Lately Azaad has strong admiration for Modi.  Modi’s gesture during the last day of Azaad, in parliament, was ample evidence that Azaad has a special place in BJP’s heart. Modi and AS are nobody’s. The new national party of Azaad may give an alternative to BJP against AAP. English creative writing

Now it is almost difficult for congress to save its existence. If BJP remains in power, the days will become hell for the Gandhi family…

The design of words is not easy, for there is freedom of speech but no guarantee of Freedom after Speech.

English creative writing

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