Drawing Monitor Tablets

Drawing is the oldest and the most primitive habit of human beings. The early man had the instinct for drawing. He used to draw animals and various signs on the huge rocks, in the caves, on the walls of crude monuments-he built. The reason for all this was that he had no definite spoken language. Today archaeologists are mostly dependent on these signs and drawings to gather the information about the early man. Drawing monitor Tablet

As the human being went further in civilization, he developed various methods to exhibit himself. From pen to paper, from lithographic machines to typewriters, human beings invented marvelous gadgets for reading and writing.


Drawing Monitor Tablets

Artist drawing with drawing tablet

Drawing Tablets, Kashmir fair
Drawing tablet


Today when we are in the space-age, we have highly sophisticated gadgets for reading and writing. The computer scanners have the ability to convert text into spoken words etc. Likewise, the writing process also found a way to send the handwritten text to the computer system for further processing.

Computer Scientists invented drawing tablets which are connected to CPU. These tablets send written text and drawings, and images immediately to display monitors. Where the writer or artists format these according to different outputs like, for social media, television etc.

Social Media

When people are spending more and more time on social media, these tablets found handy space in the Classrooms, Online Teaching Classes, and Digital Artists’ Studio rooms.

The Conventional education system is losing its significance day by day. People are opting for online learning. The writing or drawing tablets are the easiest and simplest way to teach through the online classes connected through a computer system, which otherwise would have been very difficult through conventional blackboard and chalk. Drawing Monitor Tablet


XP Pen Drawing Tablet, Kashmir Fair
XP Pen Star G960S Drawing Tablet

XP PEN Star G960S Graphics Tablet/ Drawing Tablet 22.86 cm x 15.24 cm (9 x 6 Inch) Pen Tablet with 8192 Levels Pressure Sensitivity Battery-Free Stylus, 4 Customizable Shortcut Keys & Android Support, Black. 

This tablet is the best entry level drawing tablet for the digital artists, professional as well amateur. This is the remarkable tablet for the teachers who mainly are involved in online teaching profession. Anyone who want to broadcast their courses to the streaming platforms like, YouTube, Facebook, Bloc, Twitch, Udemy, Khan Academy, Codecademy, and more.  The XP-PEN Star G960S digital tablet makes your process much smoother, easier and your education broadcasting more intuitive and attractive.

This tablet comes with the lifetime technical support. If you face any hardware problems within one year, I strongly advise you to contact XP-PEN, they will be glad to help you to replace it with a brand-new product. And I have the personal experience, the stylus malfunctioned, and I contacted XP Pen through Email, they instantly replaced the Stylus Pen. Go for it, it is the cheapest and the best ever drawing and writing tablet… Drawing Monitor Tablet

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XP-PEN Artist 13.3 Pro 33.78 cm (13.3 Inch) Drawing Pen Display Graphics Monitor.

Full-Laminated Technology Drawing Monitor with Tilt Function and Red Dial (8192 Levels Pen Pressure, 120% sRGB)

It is just an input/output device like monitor and mouse. Like you cannot install anything in it like you cannot install any software in your mouse.
You have to connect it with computer to work. You have to install photoshop or any other drawing software on computer. Drawing Monitor Tablet

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Drawing monitor Tablet


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