Desperate Emotions

The poetic formulations always give birth to imaginations and desires. Simultaneously a poet describes these in words. Desperate Emotions is the same thought by its writer.
Deep, desperate, desolate my emotions are,
Creating a tender soft mildness in my heart.
Her long soothing hair, Her fresh beauty make me haste
To look at her beautiful face.
Poetry, Love, Desperate Emotions
Desperate Emotions

Is not this my cruelty, with my aging existence.
To desire for such a blooming being.
Yes, I agree I love her.
Her charming look, her tender youth
Keep me away.
But still her thoughts and imaginations in my mind
Attracts my soul.
Sometimes I doubt shall I deserve her.
And am afraid of this heartless world.



Stay here! 

Heaven’s fragrance

Heaven’s fragrance, droplets of mercy.
Grandeur of death and
Soothing hope of life after death,
Makes it possible to live a life.
Full of misery and suffering.

Red Street

Lo! A youth fell,
With a bullet, piercing head,
Making streets again red,
Somebody’s brother,
Somebody’s son,
Everyday a martyr one.


The droplets of blood
Souls’ aspiration,
Abhorrence of worldly desires
Makes it a painful life and a sweet death.
And truth is not that that you can’t discover.

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